Winter Residency 2022-23

Winter Residency 2022-23

Six artists were selected for the residency which started in the last week of December and concluded in first week of March.

Jennifer Marquardt, a writer, and assistant professor of English, in Wenzhou ken university. She shared her interest in the creative program, and continued to work on her upcoming novel “You don’t have to be Good” during her residency.

Tanvi Kant, textile and multi-disciplinary artist based in England. She has been practicing elemental hand techniques for over 15 years creating jewellery and other textile forms. She conducted at successful workshop at boathouse, and textile department of Anant national university. She was invited to give a talk at NID, Gandhinagar.

Lindsay Kirker is a painter from British Colombia, and she is presently a sessional lecturer, teaching painting at the University of British Columbia Okanagan. Furthermore, she took a teaching module of three days at Anant University and also give a talk at the university. Lindsay was invited to attend the lecture in Anant and has received a teaching assignment for one year at Anant University.

Robert Aldous, a painter, UK, came to search on Natural dye process in Indian crafts, also worked on local handmade paper, and attend the mata-ni-pachedi workshop, learning ancient Indian craft. He gave a talk at National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and conducted a workshop at the boathouse.

Virginia Hines, a noted photographer from California took enchanting photographs on streets of old Ahmedabad and also documented modern buildings by le Corbusier, Louis Kahn and B V Doshi. She also conducted a Photography workshop at Anant University.